Thursday, January 29, 2009

Using Manly Tools (otherwise known as a chainsaw)

We spent most of today cleaning out our driveway, so we can use our vehicles. We had two tasks, 1) get the large branch down that was still part way propped up in the gum tree, and 2) cut up and remove all the smaller branches. To get the big branch down, my wife and I rigged up a 3:1 haul system using an old caving rope I have. It was a bit crude, because I don't have enough pulleys to rig it correctly, and we could really tell that the carabiners were adding friction to the system. After several pulls and repositions, we got the branch down. The rest of the day was spent cutting and piling up branches, and we were very fortunate to have a friend drop off a chainsaw to cut up the larger pieces.

We're always joking with a couple of grad student friends of ours about how many "manly" things we can do. I definitely got to use a "manly" tool, today. I just hope my "manly" muscles won't be so sore I can't get out of the bed tomorrow!

We rigged up the 3:1 haul system from the tree branch to the trailer hitch on back of our Toyota 4runner. It's possible that we could have pulled the branch down with the truck, but I was worried about controlling the fall of the branch in order to keep it off the porch.

Me, using the chainsaw (or manly tool) to cut some of the branches down. Parts of these two branches are still on the side of the house because they didn't break off clean from the tree. Big thanks to my wonderful wife, Christy, because as I cut them into manageable sizes, she would pile them up out of the way.

Other picture of me using the chainsaw. I have to admit, I really enjoyed using the saw!!!

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Jason said...

A new career move. I agree chainsaw work is way better than all of this caving stuff. LOL