Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Ice Storm cometh...

I'm sure everyone has at least heard about what is being call "ICE STORM 2009". We have been hit with a pretty good ice storm, here in Northwest Arkansas. In Fayetteville, we've recorded over an inch of ice. At my mom's house in Gentry, over 2.5 inches of ice accumulated. Luckily, both of our mom's now have their power back, but we'll still without. In a weird twist of technology, wires, and non-falling tree limbs, we can access the internet using a generator for power. It's a bit funny to think about having internet access, but no power.

Our trees took a pretty good beating during the storm, and the beautiful, large sweet gum tree in the front yard is severly damaged. We'll be cutting up some 5-7 inch diameter branches, hopefully, tomorrow to clear out the driveway. Christy and I got out, today, for a walk around an took some pictures. She posted them at the following web address:

Many of the photos are around our house, but we also walked up to the University of Arkansas campus to have a look around. Trees up there were pretty damaged as well. We did get to watch Cedar Waxwings, American Robins, and Gray Squirrels trying to eat frozen holly berrys in the holly trees next to Old Main. Here are a few pictures.

Looking at the front of our house, and our once beautiful sweet gum tree.
The view south, towards our house, from the University of Arkansas parking deck.

Although the ice was damaging, it is still pretty. Here is a tree on campus that made it through the storm. The blue sky behind the tree, and the sunlight hitting the ice, make for a nice picture.

Self portait of the two of us on campus, while we were walking around.

Cedar Waxwing, near Old Main.

The South Tower of Old Main.

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