Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wildflowers at Lake Wilson

I went for a hike at Lake Wilson after work, yesterday, to see if there were any new wildflowers in bloom. Sure enough, the warm weather has brought out a few more. Because I was there late in the day, the sun was low and really helped back light some of these wildflower pictures. I love this time of year!

White Trout Lily



Bloodroot. This is one of my favorite early wildflowers.

Buttercup. Not sure which one this is because buttercups are difficult to identify. The genus is Ranunculus which is Latin for "little frog", named because many buttercups have affinities to wet habitats.

Rue Anemone


Upclose picture of Pussytoes.

I like finding daffodils in the woods, because you can almost always bet there is a homestead nearby. I found a few remnant sections of old stone wall near here and part of a stone foundation. I really think daffodils are the path to immortality. The homesteaders are long gone, but we are reminded of their memories, lives, and loves every spring. It is a natural lasting legacy, and I always try to plant them where ever I live.

Lake Wilson looking north. The light was perfect and calling in this backwater were spring peepers and southern leopard frogs.

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